Day 1: Denver

Thanks to tailwinds we arrived 30 minutes or so early. However, according to me we were 2.5 hours early because I can’t read airline tickets correctly. I thought they were to display information based on the time zone of your destination. Not this time. Oh, well. Who doesn’t like more time?

We were starving, so after we picked up our car we headed to Wynkoop Brewery. Fun Fact: The now Gov. of Colorado is a founding father of Wynkoop. The brewery is a stone’s throw from Coor’s Field and countless other restaurants, bar’s, and breweries. When you go to Wynkoop be sure to get a picture with Knuckles. The beer was pretty good and the food was even better. Mike had a Salmon Club that he loved and I had the shrimp po’boy. As for the beers I really enjoyed their drunken pumpkin.

After lunch we walked around LoDo, which is the lower downtown area of Denver. Here is where you will find Denver’s own Union Station with it’s beautiful architecture. It’s very reminiscent of San Francisco’s Union Station or Philadelphia’s 3oth Station. The platforms are covered and they remind me of the Sydney Opera House. It’s a very beautiful train station. Outside of the station we happened upon an Octopus. She is one of many art installations created out of items that have washed up on shore. It’s eye opening to see what is in our ocean’s. Plus, we saw the Ghostbusters…No big deal. Guess that answers my question of “Who you gonna call?”

We were lucky enough to meet up with my friend Cait (sorry, no pic) who moved to Denver from Louisville over a year ago. We enjoyed drinks at Linger, which used to be a mortuary. Kind of weird, but kind of cool too. The have an amazing Chinese five spice Old Fashioned that I loved! Naturally I start scouring Pinterest to figure out how to recreate it. Sadly, I couldn’t find anything, so I will have to figure this one out on my own. When I say me, I mean Mike.

After drinks we went to Little Man Ice Cream for dessert. I had one of their seasonal flavors: salted caramel peanut butter. It was pretty salty, but that didn’t stop me from consuming it all.

The picture in the bottom right-hand corner is my failed attempt to get a shot of the Bronco’s Stadium. There is always next time.

Time to head West!

The drive to Vail was beautiful even though everything was brown. I can only imagine it in the height of Fall or Summer or Winter.

We are staying at Marriott’s Streamside at Vail in West Vail. As soon as we hit town we swing by the grocery store to stock up on goodies for the week. The rooms all have full kitchens, which helps with meals and snacks. We love to eat out, but not every meal. We were so tired from traveling that we crashed early.

Tomorrow we hit up the town of Vail. Good night y’all!


If you can’t go to Puerto Rico, where should you go? 

Colorado, of course. Mike and I were going to go to PR for his birthday, but then we found out the mosquito’s like to vacation there too. We are trying to grow our family, so we have to stay away from Zika hotbeds.  We booked our trip using the in-laws Royal Holiday points, so we looked at other places they have. I wanted to go to Galveston, TX, but Mike had already mentally prepared for a cold weather destination, which is how we ended up in Colorado.

We were heading to Vail for a week mid-November. Sounds great, right? Not if November has been unseasonably warm. Fall activities wrapped up at the end of October and winter activities didn’t start until after we were gone. Without snow this was becoming a hard trip to plan and I’m a planner.

I spend a lot of time, probably too much, creating an itinerary. Why? Because failure to plan is a plan to fail. I have found that even if we don’t follow the itinerary exactly, it provides a road map. I will share my itinerary with you, and accounts from each day. Stay tuned.