Day 3: Silverthorn/Dillon

After a night of sushi and drinks we needed to get our butts moving, so we set out for the Lilypad Trail near Silverthorn/Dillon. Great hike that leads to three ponds, and numerous photo opps. Of course we had to take one of ourselves being one with nature. 

The picture in the top right-hand corner is the view of Dillon Reservoir, sometimes known as Lake Dillon.  This is the reservoir for Denver, and is bordered by three towns. Isn’t it beautiful?  

Below are pics of our view from the back two ponds. Even though everything was do brown I still found beauty in it.  

After the hike we decided to check out the outlets to see if there were any deals on ski pants. We only went to Columbia and scored everything that we needed. By this time it was noon, so we headed to Dillon Dam Brewery to watch the Steelers game. Thankfully the food and beer was much better than the game. Mike and I shared the Nachos San Luis, and they were amazing! There are six different variations, but we stuck with the original. I didn’t want the waitress to take them away even though I was stuffed. Highly recommend these. As for beers I tried the Sour Peach Goze, Hefeweizen, and Wilderness Wheat. I really enjoyed them all, but when it came time to order a pint I went with the Hefe. Mike’s favorite was Here’s Your Dam IPA, but that’s typical of him since he is such an IPA guy.