If you can’t go to Puerto Rico, where should you go? 

Colorado, of course. Mike and I were going to go to PR for his birthday, but then we found out the mosquito’s like to vacation there too. We are trying to grow our family, so we have to stay away from Zika hotbeds.  We booked our trip using the in-laws Royal Holiday points, so we looked at other places they have. I wanted to go to Galveston, TX, but Mike had already mentally prepared for a cold weather destination, which is how we ended up in Colorado.

We were heading to Vail for a week mid-November. Sounds great, right? Not if November has been unseasonably warm. Fall activities wrapped up at the end of October and winter activities didn’t start until after we were gone. Without snow this was becoming a hard trip to plan and I’m a planner.

I spend a lot of time, probably too much, creating an itinerary. Why? Because failure to plan is a plan to fail. I have found that even if we don’t follow the itinerary exactly, it provides a road map. I will share my itinerary with you, and accounts from each day. Stay tuned.


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